MyLinh Kunst Photography

"Make yourself perfect, then just paint naturally"  Pablo Picasso

My-Linh is a Vietnamese-born, French-educated American who has lived in 7 countries and travelled to over 50. Photography, for her, is a neccessity! It documents her life, visualizes her memories, and keeps the faces she meets along the way forever in her heart.  For My-Linh, photography is all about people! Her interest is always in capturing the spirit of the moments, finding out the personality behind the faces, or perhaps discovering her subjects' stories.

After obtaining her Bachelor of Science from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the Wharton School, My-Linh spent 18 years in business consulting.  Even in the tough consulting world, for My-Linh, it was always about the people! She discovered that clients and colleagues alike could be inspired when their drives and motivations were uncovered.  Applying these learnings enabled her to reach a deeper level in photographing people. In her freetime, she was always clicking away.  My-Linh continued to explore her own art of making pictures.

Now, after the birth of her children, she has decided to take this passion into a more soul-fulfilling career. Steadfastly, she went through the classes and learned the techniques. One has to master the technical aspects but as Pablo Picasso put it "Make yourself perfect, then just paint naturally".

As a portrait photographer, My-Linh believes her reason-for-being is to capture the essence of the person and to bring out their life, laughter and beauty that she so admires.